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Need extra liability protection? Talk to your agent about our umbrella policy.

For rentals or camps, see our dwelling property program.

Homeowners' insurance

Co-op insures more Vermont homes than any other company, and New Hampshire residents are quickly learning about all we offer.

Our homeowners' policy can protect more than just your house, but also your

    House in Colchester, VT.
  • snowmobile
  • boat
  • jewelry
  • incidental home business
  • antiques
  • other valuables

We even give you access to identity theft resolution services from Identity Theft 911 if your identity is stolen. There's no extra premium charge for this service.

Co-op's rates are competitive, with a variety of discounts and credits available, and our many payment options work with almost any budget. Talk to your local agent today!

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Jack, Co-op member in Randolph, VT.

It was a total loss; the whole house was trucked away and we started over. But everything went very nicely with the Co-op. It could not have worked better.

Randolph, VT

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