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When the 2021 Best Places to Work survey asked Co-op employees this question,

"What does this organization do that makes it a place where people would want to work?"  This is what they said:

"Great pay and benefits, intelligent, open-minded coworkers, a work culture that makes you feel like part of a family (the Adams family some days, but still a family :), a fair-priced product, and an emphasis on excellent customer service for all of our members are just some of the reasons a person would want to work here."

"There is a culture of respect and shared ownership that is consistent throughout the organization; this is very clearly displayed from the very top of the management hierarchy down through the ranks (not the best choice of words on my part since 'hierarchy' and 'ranks' don't convey the more egalitarian approach that seems to be embraced) and certainly inspires me to interact with my team in the same manner. Employees are treated as actual people who matter - their thoughts, desires, lives and well-being - not just resources to be consumed. This creates an environment where we all want to help each other succeed (even in the face of the occasional disagreement or minor personality conflict) because we not only are invested in this success but also don't have to worry that our personal needs and goals will be overlooked in the process."

"We are still a local company that understands the value of people, relationships and giving back to the community.  Co-op truly feels like a family and I know I can call anyone in the organization if I need help with anything and they will go out of their way to help me."

"This question probably wants specifics, but honestly, the company simply tries to do right by employees in pretty much every area you can name. Knowing that is the starting point makes it a great place to work."

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Recent News

  • Annual Policyholders' Meeting - April 5, 2022

    All policyholders are invited to attend Co-operative Insurance Companies' annual policyholders' on Tuesday, April 5, 2022.

  • Best Value for Auto Insurance in VT and NH for 2020

    We are very pleased to announce that Co-op has again been recognized as the Best Value for Auto Insurance in Vermont and New Hampshire for 2020. The awards are given by ValChoice, a service that Forbes Magazine calls "Carfax for insurance."

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