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Employee Testimonials

When the 2018 Best Places to Work survey asked Co-op employees this question,

"What does this organization do that makes it a place where people would want to work?"  This is what they said:

"One of my favorite things is that Co-op doesn’t just say that we try to provide work/life balance, the work/life balance value is actually part of the culture."

"I thought I might focus on benefits or perks in an answer like this, but I find the thing uppermost on my mind in responding is that Co-op is a company that tries to do the right thing by its members, employees, and communities. We may not always nail the execution, but I never doubt the intention or integrity. (And the pay, benefits and security are solid enough that I have the luxury of being able to focus on things like integrity.)"

"Co-op's work culture allows employees to have a good work/life balance.  They offer a generous time off package.  Co-op is committed to making sure each member's experience with the company is one of communication, empowerment and respect.  Employees are members too and so are treated with the same considerations."

"There is a unifying and consistent theme of teamwork, warmth, and open communication at Co-operative Insurance that I have never quite experienced with any other employer."



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