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Acorn Energy Solar One project
community collaboration in Middlebury, VT

Co-operative Insurance Companies, Acorn Renewable Energy Co-op, and the Town of Middlebury are partners in a community solar energy project in Middlebury.

Co-op provided equity financing for the $700,000 project, and Vermont Small Business Development Corp and the National Bank of Middlebury provided loans. Individual members of Acorn Energy Co-op are also participating. The group has a 25-year lease with the Town of Middlebury for an acre of land near a former wastewater treatment plant.

Starting operation in December, 2011, the 528-panel ground-mounted solar array will produce more than 172,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually -- enough to power 30 average homes. One-third of the power generated from the project will go to Co-op Insurance, one-third to the Town of Middlebury, and one-third to participating members of the Acorn Energy Co-op. You can check out AESO production live through its monitoring site.

Co-op is proud to invest in our community's energy future, to help put community land to productive use, and to be part of a co-operative effort that brings together individuals, business, town government, and co-ops for a common goal.

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