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Minimum Payment Due

In most cases, Webpay will show you exactly the same minimum due amount that's on the bill you've just received.

There are a few cases in which you might see a different amount on Webpay:

Have you made changes to your policy recently? Your bill may have been issued before you made changes that affected your premium. In that case, Webpay would show you more up-to-date information than your bill would.

Are you past your payment due date? If you're making a late payment, the minimum amount due you see on Webpay includes a $15 late fee.

Have you made a recent or partial payment? If you've made a payment in the past day or two that's still processing, or if you've made a partial payment since your bill was issued, Webpay might show you a different total from your bill.

If you have questions about your bill or want to pay a different amount than the minimum Webpay has calculated, you should call Co-op's Member Services department directly at (800) 639-4017. Our Member Service Reps are available from 8am until 4:30pm Monday through Friday, and they'd be happy to help you out.

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