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ID Theft Resolution Service

Co-op can help you lessen the chances of having your identity stolen. Visit our ID theft resource site to learn to protect yourself and your family from the latest threats.

If your identity is stolen, Co-op's partner, CyberScout, will help you recover. For no extra premium charge, our homeowners, mobile-home owners, farm and mini-farm policyholders receive these services:

  • A personal advocate who will work with you and handle all phone calls and document preparation needed to resolve your identity theft
  • Notification to credit bureaus, creditors, government agencies, and all other relevant parties
  • Comprehensive case file creation to help insurance and law enforcement
  • A 3-in-1 credit report
  • A year of weekly credit monitoring
  • A year of fraud monitoring
  • A year of threat alerts, proactive tips, education, and follow-up calls to avoid recurrence

In addition, even when no identity theft has taken place, CyberScout can help you recover or replace lost identification and documentation after a loss. Simply contact your agent, who can get the process started for you.

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