Holiday Safety Tips

Make Your Holiday Season Safe and Help Keep Insurance Premiums Down

Use the info and resources in this section to keep your family and employees safe, your equipment and property in good shape, and your insurance costs under control​.

A longtime food favorite in the southern United States, the delicious deep-fried turkey has quickly grown in popularity thanks to celebrity chefs. While some people rave about this tasty creation,

Over the summer, families across Vermont and New Hampshire celebrate with picnics, beach trips, and neighborhood barbeques. Fireworks displays are frequently the highlight of Fourth of July festivities. Many adults

Few things brighten up a home like decorative outdoor lighting, and bright strands of lights aren’t just for Christmas anymore. If you’re planning on decking your halls this winter, or

The winter holiday season is, unfortunately, also prime fire season. Woodstoves and furnaces are warming homes, and holiday lights cause extra strain on electrical systems. Candles create a cozy atmosphere,

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