Home Safety Tips

Stay safe and help keep insurance premiums down

Use the info and resources in this section to keep you and your family safe, your property in good shape, and your insurance costs under control.

A pool or hot tub can provide a welcome refreshment on a hot day.  Care is needed to keep these safe for family, guests and neighbors.  A child can drown

Water damage to dwelling interiors is second only to fire damage in terms of loss costs.  Basic measures can prevent most water damage causes. Washing Machine Hoses: Ensure that washing

It takes a lot of little steps to prevent fires; here’s a refresher on some of those little things: Install and Maintain Smoke Detectors Smoke detectors’ warnings should give you

As more people raise backyard chickens, pigs, and other small animals, use of heat lamps is on the rise. Lamps are an efficient way to keep small critters warm, but

Small Appliance Safety Most of us use multiple small appliances – coffeemakers, irons, hair dryers, ovens, microwaves – every day. They make our lives more convenient, but do carry some

Awareness can help you prevent potentially fatal, destructive, and traumatic electrical fires and electrocution. Here are some things you should be aware of: Extension Cords: check for fraying and cracking;

Nothing feels better than a warm house on a cold winter day, but remember that improperly used or maintained heating equipment can lead to fires or other accidents. Here are

Woodstove-related fires kill many people each year. You can prevent them with regular safety checks and common sense, preventive maintenance, and safe wood burning techniques. Choosing Your Wood Burn only

The first step in safe woodstove use Questions Ask yourself the following questions. You should be able to answer “yes” to each one. Is your stovepipe at least 18 inches

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