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Renting your residential property can be a smart way to invest in your future. It can provide long-term income and cash flow, as well as tax perks. Your property will also likely appreciate over time, further adding to your investment

Do you want to lower your homeowners insurance rates? Well, you’ve come to the right blog! The price for homeowners insurance can vary widely based on your insurer, the size and location of your home, and many other factors. But

Attractive nuisances can pose an unexpected liability risk to home and property owners. What’s an attractive nuisance? Basically, from a homeowners insurance perspective, it’s anything that creates a potentially dangerous condition on your property that may attract trespassers and result

Imagine this: you’re a carpenter remodeling a kitchen and the homeowner trips over a power tool left out by one of your workers and hits her head. You have to call 911 and she’s transported to the hospital. Or, you’re

Offices present a unique set of potential risks and injuries for employees and staff. Office work might not be as risky as a construction or manufacturing job, but it does come with its own employee risk factors. Office employees tend

An automobile accident occurs once every six minutes in the United States. That’s 14,386 accidents per day, on average. The frequency of accidents may seem shocking at first, until you consider things like speeding statistics: And that’s just speeding. There

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