Farm Safety Tips

Stay Safe and Help Keep Insurance Premiums Down

Use the info and resources in this section to keep your family and employees safe, your equipment and property in good shape, and your insurance costs under control.

A bird disease outbreak could not only harm or kill your birds, but spread quickly to birds on other farms. Six steps can help prevent it. Keep Your Distance Restrict

Several statutes lay out guidelines for operating equipment on public roads: Lighting A farm tractor may not be operated on a public highway from 30 minutes after sunset to 30

Do Your Animals Play in Traffic? It’s not just an inconvenience when your roaming animals are involved in accidents; it could make you liable for injuries or land you in

Don’t get burned by wet hay! Check for the danger signals: 150°F: Hay enters the danger zone. Start checking with a hay probe now. 160°F: Danger! Check temperature and inspect

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