Road Safety Tips

Drive Safe and Help Keep Insurance Premiums Down

Our road safety tips in this section cover a variety of information that can help keep you and your family, your property in good shape, and your insurance costs under control.

How far would you be willing to drive at highway speeds on the interstate while blindfolded? The length of a football field? If you check texts while cruising along, that’s

Some guidelines for moving safely on slippery roads: go slowly so your tires can push water through their grooves and maintain traction keep your windows clear with the defroster and

In Case of Emergency Contact Sometimes ICE is a good thing on the road If you were injured in an automobile accident and unable to communicate, could emergency responders contact

Vermont Governor’s Highway Safety Program: Statistics; calendar of events; links to safety sites; information on government programs, laws and enforcement. Vermont Graduated Licensing Stevens Advanced Driver Training: Course descriptions and

Co-operative Insurance is committed to keeping young drivers safe. For years, we’ve offered members a substantially discounted rate for the Stevens Advanced Driver Training Program in an effort to reduce teenage crashes. The

Stevens Advanced Driver Training Program This half-day accident-avoidance training program gives both adult and teen drivers the skills to confidently perform emergency maneuvers at highway speed. More than 1,500 Co-op

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