Best Value for Auto Insurance in VT and NH for 2020

Co-op is gratified to receive the award for Best Value in Vermont and New Hampshire for 2020. This is the fourth consecutive year we have won the prestigious ValChoice® awards by providing our members with a unique combination of excellent customer service, claims handling and value in our auto insurance products over a three-year evaluation period.

“We continue to focus on an exceptional customer experience for members, agents and employees,” said Lee Dowgiewicz, Co-op’s president & CEO. “Receiving the ValChoice award for Best Value affirms that our efforts are being recognized in the two states where we currently do business.”

ValChoice uses its data analytics engine to identify and acknowledge the best insurance companies state by state. “Helping consumers by bringing transparency to the insurance industry is the primary objective of ValChoice,” said Dan Karr, founder and CEO of ValChoice. “It’s great to see Co-operative, a local Vermont company, consistently performing as a great value for consumers.”

ValChoice provides consumers, agents and advisors with information on which home and auto insurance companies offer the best value: price, protection (claims handling) and service. The company collects and analyzes millions of financial and complaint data points and delivers the results in an easy-to-use service that Forbes Magazine described as “Carfax for insurance.” Using, consumers are able to shop for insurance based on value rather than making decisions blindly based on price or advertising campaigns.

Co-op Rated Among the Best Auto Insurance in New Hampshire!

Co-op Rated Among the Best Auto Insurance in Vermont!

ValChoice tool only available to users connected to the Internet from inside the US.

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