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Pools and Hot Tubs

A pool or hot tub can provide a welcome refreshment on a hot day.  Care is needed to keep these safe for family, guests and neighbors.  A child can drown in minutes in an unsecured pool or hot tub.

  1. Ensure that hot tubs are equipped with safety covers which are secured at all times when not in use.
  2. Secure pool gates or ladders to prevent child access.  Gate or ladder latches should be at least four feet high, out of the reach of toddlers.  Gates should be self-closing and latching.  Secure gates and ladders at all times when the pool is not supervised.
  3. Fence in-ground pools with substantial fencing, at least four feet high.  Ensure that the fencing will not permit the passage of a four inch sphere (simulating a small toddler trying to squeeze between the sections).
  4. Post depth and “no diving” signs.  Your local pool supplier can provide both signs and recommend installation guidelines.  Diving injuries can result in spinal injuries or death.
  5. Keep electricity safe.  Use a licensed electrician to install and maintain pool and hot tub electrical systems.  Ground fault circuit protection is required for wet or potentially wet areas.
  6. Store pool chemicals safely.  Keep chemicals dry and in their original containers, out of reach of children.  Don’t mix chemicals, and use dedicated scoops for each chemical to prevent a chemical reaction.
  7. Drain suction safety.  Ensure that pool and spa drains are designed to prevent entrapment.  The Virginia Graeme Baker law was enacted after several tragic deaths of children trapped by pool and spa drains.  Check with your local pool supplier if you are not sure if your drains are compliant.

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