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Water Damage Prevention

Water damage to dwelling interiors is second only to fire damage in terms of loss costs.  Basic measures can prevent most water damage causes.

  1. Washing machine hoses – Ensure that washing machine hoses are in good condition with no cracking or decay.  Burst resistant washing machine hoses can significantly reduce the potential for a leaking hose.  Shut off the water valves when the washing machine is not in use.
  2. Hot water heaters – Install hot water heaters in a pan with a drain line.  Test the pressure relief valve per its manufacturer’s recommendation to ensure that it is not blocked by minerals in the water system.
  3. Ice dams – Monitor ice and snow accumulation on roof eaves.  Insulate attic spaces to reduce damming or safely remove snow and ice accumulations.  In emergencies, an old pair of pantyhose filled with rock salt can maintain a channel on the roof for draining.
  4. Toilets – Repair or replace damaged toilets before they crack or overflow.  This may also help reduce flooding of your septic system and reduce water usage.
  5. Water leak detection – Electronic systems are available to shut off water supply valves if a leak is detected.  Contact your licensed plumber to see if one is right for your home.

Shut off Valves – Know where your home’s water shut off valve(s) is located, and ensure that family members know as well.  Shutting off water quickly can reduce the magnitude of the damage.  Shut off water when leaving for vacation.

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