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Renting your residential property can be a smart way to invest in your future. It can provide long-term income and cash flow, as well as tax perks. Your property will also likely appreciate over time, further adding to your investment

Offices present a unique set of potential risks and injuries for employees and staff. Office work might not be as risky as a construction or manufacturing job, but it does come with its own employee risk factors. Office employees tend

An automobile accident occurs once every six minutes in the United States. That’s 14,386 accidents per day, on average. The frequency of accidents may seem shocking at first, until you consider things like speeding statistics: And that’s just speeding. There

The hospitality industry—specifically hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts—faces a more difficult operating environment than it has in many years past. A recent HUB International 2023 Outlook report illuminated some of these difficult realities: These findings mean that the risk

Attention homeowners! Are you among the 60% of homeowners who are now underinsured due to rising building costs and inflation? Are you prepared to pay tens of thousands of dollars out-of-pocket to rebuild your home if you suffer from a

Restaurants are busy places with unique risk profiles. Bustling kitchens, sharp implements, open flames, and hot surfaces—not to mention all of the customers and staff moving around—can create hazards. The potential for lawsuits or property damage resulting from the day-to-day

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